The Rap Video Girls or Hip Hop Honeys

The Rap Video Girls or Hip Hop Honeys

The rap video girls

In all the hip hop music videos, aside from the over flowing champagne, stunner shades and wicked auto mobiles, another thing in common is the rap video girls or the hip hop honeys. They are the girls rap stars place in the background dancing like there is no tomorrow.

Back in the day, it was not called rap video girls but rather Fly Girls. One famous fly girl that soared to international success is none other than J. Lo herself.  Anyway, rap video girls add a certain spice to music videos. They heat up the screens with their gyrating moves that turn men into jell- o. On the contrary, these girls are not predominantly beautiful black women. They can be of any race ( Latina, Canadian…), as long as they got the face and body and well  within the 19 to 28 yr old bracket.

Aside from the mtv gig, these rap girls also have found their very own niche in the showbiz industry. Most of them have become models in their own right appearing in men’s magazines like Maxim and FHM, while some even turned out more famous than the rappers  whose videos they once appeared in.

One rap video girl in particular is Gloria Velez. This Puerto Rican model born in NY has been turning quite a number of heads since she was 15 (she’s now 27) as a model for Elite. Countless of video appearances later ( including DMX’s “What these Bitches Want”, Ja Rule’s “Holla Holla” and the cow girl draped in white in jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin”), she herself started  to dabble  in the rap game as well. Born in Detroit, Absolutely Amber has shot to fame in rap videos thanks to her big ole butt. Because of her asset, she has been featured in multiple mtv’s for artists such as Eminem, Twista and Tony Yayo’s “I Know You Don’t Love me.”  And we got a smart one too, in the Form of Ki Toy Johnson. With a background in accounting, we can either see her in the countless Outkast videos she appeared in or behind the desk as she is Chief Financial officer to 2 businesses.

These rap girls have made their mark in society by cashing on their looks and who is to blame them. They got the face and also the bodies and common sense to make the most out of their “capabilities” while they still have it.

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ramakotigrandhi September 30, 2010 at 7:03 am

sir. i saw the rap girl video


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