90’s Rap: The Best Rap Music to Listen To

90’s Rap: The Best Rap Music to Listen To

90’s Rap: The Best Rap Music to Listen To

If you are looking for the best rap music to listen to, turn off MTV and start digging for old school jams, especially the ones that came out during the late 80’s to the 90’s. Not hating on newer rap music, I just am one of the many people that appreciate kick ass tunes that are not overrated. Time and again, it has been said that the best rap music to listen to was made in the 90’s.

The golden Age of Hip Hop, this was the time when the media gave rise to developing rap into becoming mainstream.  This was when rhyme and poetry was characterized by its multiple influences, diversity in theme, quality and innovation. This period in Hip Hop set forth to rap music becoming more afro centric and politically aware as well.

This meant that when a rapper sees injustice, be sure that it is going to be heard on the radio pretty soon.  Songs by N.W.A. like Straight Outta Compton and Fuck Tha Police are the epitome of this. Not surprising that NWA’s songs were actually banned from several air waves. Experimenting on different loops, breaks and samples were done quite often, with a majority giving more than a hint of jazz influence.  The ones that are closely  associated with this type of samples are Boogie Down Productions  KRS – One’s My Philosophy ( whose name alone stands for Knowledge reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everything) , Eric B & Rakim’s Don’t Sweat the technique and I Know You Got Soul, Big Daddy Kane’s Set it Off and A Tribe Called Quest’s Award Tour.

These artists and songs are just some bits and pieces of some of the ground breaking albums that came out during the 90’s that clearly re- defined hip hop and rap. Stylistic variety was at this point done at free will and not dictated by any marketing strategist for profit.  Every single to come out was fresh on its own way and represented a certain back ground that a portion of the community could relate with. This era also gave birth to a series of serious rappers whose ability and capability to play with words inspired the lexicon combat aspect of rhyme and poetry we see today, especially in rap battles. I have said it once, and I’m going to say it again, the 1990’s have the best Rap music to listen to, enough said.

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