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Is the combination of chillin’ and relaxing.  This is the states when a person is completely laid back, contented and is just feeling the good vibes.


Dead Stock

January 25, 2011 Hip Hop Dictionary

Dead stock refers to shoes that have never been worn or even tried on .For collectors; they usually live by this phrase, One to rock, One to Stock. This means that they would buy 2 pairs of the same shoes, wear one pair and keep the other one in mint condition.

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Cake Up

January 22, 2011 Hip Hop Dictionary

To cake up is to save your money, have fine women and have the best cars and jewellery money can buy. The money acquired for this is usually obtained from facets in the entertainment industry, sports and sometimes even drug trade.

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January 18, 2011 Hip Hop Dictionary

Being Bent is when a person is under the influence. It can mean being intoxicated with alcohol or high with marijuana. Some people also use it to describe when a person is already so out of his mind that he’s already way to messed up.

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Bed Stuy

January 15, 2011 Hip Hop Dictionary

As a neighbourhood in Brooklyn, New York, Bed Stuy is actually short for Bedford – Stuyvesant. A pretty tough community, this area is a high crime hot zone. Because of its crime rate, it has been called Bed-Stuy, Do or Die!

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