If you were asked to give ten names off the top of your head for the five greatest female hip hop artists, would you be able to? You’re most likely to have an easier time if you were asked to name male hip hop artists instead, wouldn’t you? And that probably sums everything there was and is to women’s role in hip hop.

Beauty versus Voice

In the world of hip hop, it would be easy to see how beauty is more often than not considered the most significant asset of women. Female hip hop artists must be beautiful and sexy first. Voice and talent are secondary priorities.

If you watch the latest hip hop music videos, female hip hop artists are mostly seen in the backdrop wearing the skimpiest of outfits. Many of them have powerful vocals, but that’s not the first thing you’ll notice. It’s how they look that’s always what catches your attention initially. And because of this pervasive trend, women of hip hop – even if they are incredibly talented – are often reduced to singing in the background, with the inevitable ‘featuring’ tagged to their name as they collaborate with more famous male hip hop artists.

The hip hop music industry has also influenced the hip hop dancing arena into sharing their views. Again, you only have to see the latest batch of music videos to find proof of this. Try coming up with just three videos that feature female hip hop dancers who aren’t skimpily clothed and dancing seductively? READ MORE

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